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Namma Kathe "Namma Story"

The name Sanathana means traditional or the one that is been followed from the old days. Farming is in our blood as we hail from the agricultural family. We take pride in the name as we manufacture oils in the traditional way with no use of chemicals. The oils that reach our customers go in the name of Santrupti Oils meaning Satisfaction. With an aim of member experience, we make sure our customers are happy with all our products.

We started Sanathana on basis of 4 Pillars: These are

1. Grow using Natural farming

2. Create a value proposition for farmers

3. Healthy products for consumers

4. Create farmer’s cooperative infrastructure

1. Grow using Natural farming:

We are basically from the agriculture family. Our Parents, Grandparents grew crops naturally. Unfortunately for last 10 to 12 years, parents shifted to use chemical fertilizers for Coconut, Areca and Banana farms. Once we took over the farming, we were inspired by “SubhashPalekar” and KaduKrishi from Dr. Khader. Understanding its benefits and with a firm determination, we started following natural farming. Since then its been almost 5 years now and we have managed to grow foods without chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. Now we are expanding this with other farmers educating and mentoring them to grow naturally and in turn get a good return on investment. The practice has made sure that we extract oils in a natural way and distribute the edible oils benefitting people.

2. Create value proposition for crops:

We started farming with Coconut, Banana, and few vegetables where most of the time not receiving the actual return on investment. The problem was not in the production nor the market availability, it was actually in the pricing for the products. So we decided to create a value proposition for each crop we grow and get maximum return to farmers. As the first step, we started working on extracting Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil from Coconut and not to sell raw coconut. Like this, we started creating products out for each of the products now we have many products in one umbrella brand named “Santrupti”

3. Naturally created products:

As we see today any food we buy has some additional chemical substance in any format like using high-pressure machines to extract oils, additives to keep for the long time etc.. We decided to create product naturally without using any additives, which we used in our olden times. We follow the thumb rule of demand and supply, we just don’t create products in large quantity and sell any old stocks. The oils that we sell are fresh and naturally pure.

This is a great satisfaction to the farmer providing healthy products to consumers. Another thing which we make sure is not to use any plastic materials for packing. Our products are packed in glass bottles or distributed in the steel cans.

4. Create farmers’ cooperative infrastructure:

Majority of farmers grow small quantity products and it’s hard to get the right price for each product. So we started to create farmer groups to grow crops using Natural farming and making sure it reaches to consumers in good quality. In order to encourage each farmer to grow different crops to have a variety of all crops, we initiated a group or society named “BasaveshwaraRaitha Sangha”. This is our first step towards achieving more and making farmers happy and encouraging to grow products naturally and most importantly sticking to their roots.

Mission “ Promote Natural Farming and provide Chemical free Healthy Food”

Our Awesome Products:

Santrupti Castor oil, Santrupti Groundnut oil, Santrupti Gingelly Oil, Santrupti Sunflower Oil, Santrupti Virgin Coconut Oil, Santrupti Honey, Santrupti Pure Desi Cow Ghee, Santrupti Safflower Oil, Santrupti Mustard Oils and Santrupti Coconut Oil