Santrupti Ghee


Ghee is an important edible nutrient that is been used for years in Indian cooking history. The traditional ghee is best for cooking as it is made up of pure and fresh milk of cows using traditional standards. The cows were usually treated as pets and were kept in a clean environment. They are given grain and used for work in our own farmlands alongside clean water to keep them in a sound state. Desi Ghee: Is best to cook Is considered as satvic nourishment Contains solid fat solvent vitamins which help in the retention of supplements in sustenances and are basic for good wellbeing.

We at Sanathana take care of the genunity and authenticity of the ghee extracted and is neatly packed with the jute bags covering the lid. This doesn’t allow nutrient loss and also prevents any kind of spills of the product.

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Benefits of Ghee

  • Improves intelligence and immune system.
  • Good for growing kids improves memory.
  • Promotes healthy heart, glowing skin and reduce hair fall.

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Weight / ltr

300 ml, 500 ml